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Who are we?

Based in Birmingham (UK), Devanhaar was formed in the summer of 2019 by sevadaars with the following three aims:

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Empower sangat to get involved in seva and develop leadership skills

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Develop deeper understanding of Gurbani, Gurmat and history through resources and parchar

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Create a non-judgemental space for sangat to support eachother and grow spiritually

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Kaurs Camp 2023

"I was so nervous to come to camp due to my lack of confidence, I can't even speak English properly, but when I got there and met all of my sisters... I have no words to describe it... they gave me so much love! I'd never received this much love from anywhere"

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Singhs Camp 2023

"I came to camp last year and the vibe was so amazing, within the sangat there was just all love, and it's the exact same this year. More sangat, bigger space, better talks, but the love & the vibe's been the same. Different perspectives come together and everyone engages"

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Upcoming Events

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