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Sikhi Vidyala 2024

What is the vidyala?

A school to develop your Sikhi and parchar skills. The curriculum will be taught by world renowned UK parcharaks.


Who can join?

You can join! We’re looking for anyone who is passionate about learning History, Gurbani and getting involved in parchar and seva. Applicants can be global but must be willing to live in the UK for 6 months.


What are the requirements to join?

Aged 18+, must be Amritdhari, speak English confidently, have basic Gurmukhi/Panjabi reading skills and be able to commit.

Devanhaar vidyala final 2024.png

What is the regular commitment?

Mon to Fri from 9am - 5pm for six months (Sept 24 - Feb 25).


Where will it be?

We’ll be based at a Gurdwara in Birmingham, UK.


What is the accommodation like?

We’ll provide separate housing facilities for Singhs and Bibiya close to the main host Gurdwara. Local Birmingham applicants can commute.



What will you learn?

There will be a structured syllabus which will include: understanding Gurbani, Sikh History, speaking & delivery skills, presentation skills, Santhiya, dealing with Q&A's, community skills and practical seva.

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